Import Contacts Template - What format is valid for mobile numbers?

Accepted Formats

When importing your CSV file, the below formats  will be accepted for Australian mobile numbers:

  • International format: 61400304770 (preferred)
  • Local without spaces: 0400304770
  • Local with spaces: 0400 304 770
  • Local without zero: 400304770

Note that if you use a "local" format, the system will assume you want an Australian number, and will append the 61.

If you are uploading international numbers these must be in the international format without spaces - no exceptions.

Rejected Formats

Mobile numbers won't be uploaded or accepted if:

  • The number contains any symbols (eg: +-^~): +61400304770


What happens with landlines?

SMS Central allows you to upload Australian landline numbers in the following formats:

  • International format: 61299874039
  • Local without spaces: 0299874039
  • Local without zero: 299874039

Wondering what happens if/when you send an SMS campaign to a landline? You can find your answer in this article


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