What is a Sender Name/Sender ID?

A Sender Name/ Sender ID is the 11 character alphanumeric text that shows up in your mobile handset when someone calls you/sends an SMS to you.

With SMS Central, you can create a sender name for your campaign. When the recipients get the text message, instead of a random mobile number, they can see a name that is easier to identify. For example, if you run a practice and you are sending an appointment reminder, you could use "MyPractice" 

There are five things to remember when using a Sender ID:

  1. It can only have up to 11 characters
  2. It must be alphanumeric - no spaces or special characters
  3. If you send a campaign with a Sender ID, the recipient will not be able to reply
  4. To be compliant with the Spam Act, a marketing message cannot be sent from a Sender ID
  5. Messages will be rejected by some carriers if the Sender ID appears to be a land line number (e.g. 0312345678)
NOTE: Sending an SMS with a sender name that has just 2 characters will not work correctly on iPhones (1 character or 3 or more is fine!). This is due to a bug from Apple.
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