Delete Contacts

Before you delete a contact, you will need to decide if you want to delete the contact from your account or just from one particular group.


Delete a contact from All Groups

1. Click on 'All Contacts' group (within the Contacts tab) and search for the mobile number you wish to delete


2. Check the box at the end of the contact's row, then choose 'delete' at the bottom of the table.


3. You will need to confirm your choice to delete this contact



NOTE: This contact has been deleted from your account, however, they have NOT been blacklisted/ unsubscribed. This means if you or any other user uploads this mobile number into your account again, then the contact will automatically be re-activated


Delete a contact from a specific group

1. Click on the name of the group that you want to delete the contact from, then search for the contact's number in the search option. Once you have located the contact you want to delete, click on the box at the end of the contact's details.



2. Once you click 'delete' you will have the option to delete the contact from your whole database or just from this individual group. 


If you want the contact to be deleted only from this particular group, then choose Remove from this group. The contact will then remain in the "All contacts" group and any other other groups that it's part of.

If you select Delete Contact, the contact will be removed from your account (and any other groups).



Only administrators of the account are able to delete contacts, included those uploaded by other users.

Basic and Advanced users are only able to delete the contacts that they have added themselves.



Remember that deleting a contact is not the same as unsubscribing a contact.

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