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Allocating Credits Between Accounts

When creating a new sub-account, you can choose the Billing Type for the account. When specifying the Pre-paid Billing Type, administrators can control costs by allocating credits to their sub-accounts. Credit allocation and deduction enable parent accounts to allocate and deduct credits to/from their prepaid sub-accounts. 

There are 2 scenarios to this:

1) Postpaid Parent account > Prepaid Sub-account

This is called 'Credit Allocation' and the usage will invoice to the parent account as the credits have been consumed (i.e. messages sent).

Allocating Credits:

To allocate credits to a pre-paid sub-account from the post-paid parent account, start by going to Account, then Sub Accounts, and then clicking on the three dots to the right of the sub-account to which you want to allocate credits. From the resulting menu, select Allocate Credits:

In the resulting modal, enter the number of credits you wish to allocate to the sub-account and click Allocate:


Deducting Credits:

You can deduct credits from a pre-paid sub-account by following the same steps as before, but selecting Deduct credits from the menu in the sub-account list:

In the resulting modal, enter the number of credits you wish to deduct to the sub-account and click Deduct:

2) Prepaid Parent account > Prepaid Sub-account 

This is called a 'Credit Transfer' and the credits will be transferred from the parent account to sub-accounts. The parent account has to purchase credits by topping up.

The process for credit transfer is very much the same as credit allocation; however the options are changed from "Allocate credits" and "Deduct credits" to "Transfer credits" and "Get credits back":