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Response code values

0Success; Message has been sent, delivery confirmation is pending
1Success; Message has been successfully delivered
500Failed; Internal SMS Central Server Error
501Failed to deliver to the network (carrier level)
503Failed; Message has expired within the carrier
504Failed; Message timed out within the gateway
506Rejected; The gateway couldn't understand your message
511Rejected; Your username or password is incorrect
512Rejected; Username/Password is incorrect in a reply message
513Rejected; Message rejected due to being a duplicate message
514Rejected; No ‘RECIPIENT’ value was provided
515Failed; Message sent upstream, no response from upstream on message status
516Failed; Queue was stopped and message was killed
517Failed; We tried and re-tried by could not get the message out to the networks.
518Failed; Source address is the same as Destination Address
519Rejected; The number you tried sending to is blacklisted
520Rejected; Filter attached has rejected the message
521Rejected; Reference search found no matching messages
522Rejected; no positive or negative response from carriers so cannot resend.
523Rejected; Recipient has insufficient credit in their prepaid SIM
524Failed; Failed to connect to the upstream gateway
525Failed; Invalid recipient
527This message has been manually resent
528The little message that couldn't (too many retries, time to give up)
531Rejected; Your message contains no content
532Rejected; Your message content has invalid characters. Please check your message text.
534Rejected; Credit limit exceeded. You have run out of SMS credit
535Rejected: Your ‘ORIGINATOR’ value is not valid
536Notice; Your message has been temporarily delayed
543Invalid REPLYPATH (needs to be a valid URL or Email Address)
545Invalid REPLYTYPE (allowed values are HTTP and EMAIL)
550Message accepted by carrier but not delivered to handset
100001INVALID_START_DATE - input date in this format YYYY-mm-dd e.g. 2011-09-15
100002INVALID_END_DATE - input date in this format YYYY-mm-dd e.g. 2011-09-15
100003EXCEEDED_ASSIGN_ACCOUNT - Account limit of 1 in ACCOUNTS exceeded