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Account Settings

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Account Settings allows an administrator to change certain settings on the account and is accessible by navigating to Account > Account Settings

Account Settings Screen:

Settings available to change include:

  1. Account name - The name that is displayed on the UI
  2. Account time zone - Used for monthly usage calculations
  3. Automatic Unsubscribe - Used to customise the opt-out keywords, link, and the automated opt-out message that gets added to your message when you add an opt-out to your messages
  4. SMS limit - The number of message parts allowable per hour and/or per day on a given account. Message exceeding this limit will not be sent
  5. Default Sender ID - The default identifier from which your messages will be sent (e.g. shared number, dedicated number, or business name)
  6. Default message template - Pre-populated template for new messages (can also be used for signatures)
  7. Socially aware sending - Setting this feature restricts messaging outside the socially acceptable times (sending window can be configured)
  8. Always request delivery receipts - this is essential for reporting purposes; however, you can toggle this option off if preferred
  9. Allow Duplicate Contacts - Allows multiple contacts to be created/imported with the same mobile number
  10. Change or close my account - This will notify our support team that you wish to make changes to, or close, your SMS Central account