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Creating Sub-Accounts

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Account owners can create "Level 1" sub-accounts, which are basically subsidiaries of the parent account. Each sub-account can have its own Admin and User set, without having visibility of other sub-account activity, while any administrator of the parent account will have visibility of all sub-account activity. 

In turn, admins on a Level 1 sub-account (or admins of the parent account who log in to the sub-account) can create Level 2 sub-accounts, and so on all the way down to Level 5. As with the relationship between parent and Level 1 sub-accounts, each sub-account can only see it's own activity and that of it's associated lower-level sub-accounts.

The diagram below shows a summary of the available account structure. A simple structure of up to five sub-account levels is shown on the left, and an example of multiple sub-accounts per level is shown on the right:

How to create a new Sub-account

From the Parent account, go to Accounts and select Sub-Accounts, then click New Sub Account:

Next you will need to configure the sub-account as follows:

1. Give your new sub-account a name

2. Select the billing type (i.e. whether this account will operate on a post-paid or pre-paid basis). The Post-paid option is only available if the Parent account is also post-paid.

3. Select whether this sub-account is to be billed either to the parent account or individually (i.e. whether or not the usage charges are to be included on the invoice to the parent account, or whether a separate invoice should be generated for this sub-account). You can also choose to have the sub-account appear as a separate cost centre on the parent account invoice to make it easier to track spend and manage internal budgets etc.

4. Set the SMS limits (if required - you can leave these blank if preferred)

5. Assign any users of the parent account to the sub-account (these users will still remain on the parent account as well, and their roles on the parent account will be carried over to the sub-account)

Once you are happy with your settings, click Create sub-account

Your new sub-account will now appear in the sub-account list. To edit or deactivate this sub-account, click on the three dots on the right-hand side and select the required action from the menu:

Creating Level 2-5 sub-accounts

To create a Level 2 sub-account, the process is the same but you must be logged in to a Level 1 sub-account as an admin:

When creating a sub-account at level 2, 3, 4 or 5, the Billing option is not available as all activity will be billed as part of the Level 1 sub-account:

This process is repeated to create subsequent accounts (i.e. log in to a Level 2 sub-account to create a Level 3 sub-account and so on).