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The inbox allows you to view all inbound messages over the past 90 days. New incoming messages are loaded automatically, with unread conversations appearing at the top of the list, accompanied by a number denoting the number of unread messages in each conversation.

  1. "Open" message inbox - all unread and current conversations are visible by clicking here
  2. "Closed" message inbox - all archived messages are visible by clicking here
  3. Inbox search field - search for messages from specific contacts by typing the full or partial contact name or number and clicking on the magnifying glass icon
  4. Inbox filter - click here to filter the inbox for All / Read / Unread messages
  5. Unread Message - the number in the blue circle denotes how many unread messages are present in the conversation
  6. Current message list - the message currently being viewed is highlighted
  7. Conversation search field - search for specific words or phrases within the conversation
  8. "Close" action - click this to archive the message
  9. "Unsubscribe" action - click this to unsubscribe the contact and prevent them from receiving further messages (unsubscribed contacts can still send messages to you)
  10. Conversation window - outbound messages are on the right in blue, inbound messages are on the left in grey
  11. Message template menu - clicking on the arrow will open a dropdown list of all saved templates which you can use to create a quick response
  12. Message content window - type your responses in here and click "Send" to further the conversation

If you click on a conversation you will see the message history to and from that particular recipient, and it will be marked 'read'.

If you require access to messages older than 90 days, simply go to Reports > Detailed Reports and search for the recipient number. The easiest way is to copy the full international number (e.g. +61491570156) and paste it into the detailed reporting search bar

MMS Thumbnail Preview in the Inbox

When an inbound MMS is received, you will now see a preview of the image content in the inbox:

You can click to download the media, and or click the preview to see the full-size image and cycle through the any additional media that might be included in the Inbox:

Filtering out Opt-out Messages from the Inbox

Account Administrators now have the option to configure the platform to automatically mark opt-out messages as "read" and move conversations to the "closed" partition of the Inbox.

Go to Account, then Account Settings 

Click the Edit icon next to “Automatic Unsubscribe” and check the “Mark as read and move to closed to Inbox” setting:

Once this is done, any replies containing an Unsubscribe keyword (e.g. STOP or STOP1 in the example above) will trigger the conversation in the Inbox to automatically be moved to the “Closed” partition of the inbox.

This enables customers sending big campaigns (with a reply call to action) to filter out any opt-out noise, and keep the inbox focused on having conversations with their recipients.