Default Settings

You can create default settings for all new subaccounts, speeding up the process of adding subbies!

All you have to do is go to Settings > Default and:

   1. Define the default parent 


   2. Set the default volume limit: you can also select if this choice will override pre-existing accounts. If you wish to only apply this limit to new accounts, then leave the box unchecked.


   3. Default invoicing account: Who should we send the invoice to (or who is allowed to purchase credits)?


When in doubt, always pick "Parent Account"!

   4. Credit Management

Credit management lets you determine whether the sub account will pre-purchase credits (Allocate) or if it will be able to send unlimited SMS (Deduct).

Choose Allocate if you want credits to be allocated from the parent account (so, the sub account will be sending from a credit balance). If you want them to be able to deduct from the parent account as they go, select Deduct.

Press Save once you're done to update your account with the new settings.

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