Account Reports

From the manager portal you can run Activity Logs and Transaction Reports for accounts.

The main differences between running these reports from the web portal and the manager portal are:


Activity Log Report

You can not only filter by account but you can also see the activity logs for more than one account at the same time.


Also, if you filter by user and the user is assigned to multiple accounts, you'll be able to see their activity across the board.


 For more information, please see this article.

Transaction Report

You can only see this report for ONE account at a time, so you will need to filter by account before you run it from the manager.

Therefore, running this report from the manager or running it from the web portal makes no significant difference.

For more information, please see this article.



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    Jason Ballantyne

    Can you describe the meaning of the columns in the Transaction Report?

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    Support SMSCENTRAL

    Hi Buildsafe, 

    Long story short, the transaction report works as a bank account balance statement.

    The older entries are at the top.

    Hence, if you see the balance from line two and you add (credit) or substract (debit) the amounts on those columns, you'll get the balance at the top. It's a bit hard to explain without the visual aid, so you can find a detailed article on Transaction Reports here:


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