Message Log Report

Running this report from the manager is quite a different experience than running it from the web portal for a particular account.

Here are the reasons:


#1 Summary Reports

Through the manager, when selecting to run a Summary Report you can group it based on Accounts, Users or Campaigns.


This allows you to see Sent and Received SMS based on different "axis", not just accounts.


#2 Accounts

You can see the message log for as many accounts as you'd like. 


If you leave the filter blank it will run the report for all accounts. We recommend you always pick at least one account just to make sure the report you run is not too big and is a bit more focused.

Also, if you click on View All Accounts a table with all your accounts will display (in case you want to select a multitude of accounts, in which case we understand that ticking boxes is faster than typing!).


#3 Status

Keen on only seeing bounced messages, perhaps?


From the manager you can now filter the messages you display by status.


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