Accounts Dashboard

Here is a brief snapshot of all the actions you can perform from the Accounts Dashboard.



View main account (top account)

The account at the top is the main account: the one that all subaccounts depend on. 


Under it you can see the list of users that belong only to that account (for a complete list of users across all subaccounts, head over to the Users tab).

You can only see the number of direct subaccounts it has (in this case, 5 subaccounts).

To edit this account you need to login to it, via the link provided.



There are three types of icons next to account names.


"+" next to an account (SAMCRO) means the account has subaccounts. If you click on it, it will turn on a "-".

If an account is next to a "-" (Sons of Anarchy), then it means that at most 3 of its subaccounts are being displayed (if the account has more subaccounts, you will be able to view them all by clicking on "view all subaccounts").

If there is a ">" next to the account name (SAMBEL) it means the account has no subaccounts.




Shows you the direct account to which that account is linked. It's super handy when you're searching.


Displays the number of subaccounts directly under the account. If it's more than 3, you'll be able to click on "View all subaccounts".

Alternatively, if you click on the account name (in the example, Sons of Anarchy) you will be redirected to the page listing all of Sons of Anarchy subaccounts.



Displays the number of users the account has assigned to. Clicking on the number will display the users. 

Alternatively, you can go to Users, search by account and view all users.


SMS Sent

Displays the total number of SMS sent by the account in the last 30 days.


Balance (Allocate/ Deduct Credit)

If you are a prepaid customer, clicking on Allocate allows you to enter the amount of credits you want to allocate from the top account to this subaccount. 

On the other hand, clicking on Deduct allows you to enter the amount of credits you want to allocate from this subaccount to the top account. 

If the account is post paid, this column will appear empty.


Other actions

  • You can search for accounts.
  • You can view all subaccounts.
  • You can filter by creation date.
  • You can add subaccounts.
  • You can add yourself as a user.
  • You can delete accounts (watch out, if you delete an account, it will delete all the subaccounts associated with it!).



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