Your First Login

Hello and welcome!

First of all, head straight to

As soon as you login for the first time, you'll be requested the PIN you got on your mobile phone upon login.



You, your account and your details

So you were the brave soul that created your SMS Central account? Hey, here are some rewards and things we thought you might find handy.

#1 User

We've added you as the admin user of this account. You are also the primary, billing and technical contact.

You can always change the contact type, or add more users and assign them different roles.

#2 Email to SMS

If you go to Settings > Email to SMS, you will find the email you signed up with right there. Yes, with it you can start sending email to SMS!


#3 Test Contact

You and your mobile number have been added as a contact under Contacts > All Contacts. Just in case you felt like giving it a go right from the get go!


#4 Unsubscribe Rule

If you go to Settings > Rules and Triggers, you'll find your first ruled named Unsubscribe.



Rules' format are "If A, then B". In this case, this rule is the basic one to keep you compliant in case you need a standard optout message. The structure of this rule is "When receiving SMS, if the message contains the word "STOP", then unsubscribe contact". 

You can always edit or delete this rule. If you deleted it by accident and you would like to add it again, here is a step by step tutorial on how to do it.



Here are the key things you need to note from your first login.


#1 Free Credits

We gave you 10 free credits to play around with our software. Don't be shy, use them!


#2 Balance

At the top right you'll find your SMS balance. Clicking on "Buy Now" will take you to the place to select packages and get more credits.


#3 Create your first campaign

Go on, don't be shy! Just hit that massive GET STARTED button and get going! :)


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