What browsers do you support?

SMS Central supports most browsers.

  • Internet Explorer (IE) 8 or newer
  • Mozilla Firefox (FF) 7 or newer
  • Safari 4 or newer
  • Google Chrome
Even though we support all the above, older browsers do not perform as well as newer ones: they are slower, some fonts/ alignments might look odd and occasionally, some functionality might be impaired. 

Note to all Internet Explorer users: Security flaws in every version of Internet Explorer have been discovered which can harm your system and your privacy. As such, SMS Central strongly recommends you don't use Internet Explorer. Please see this article for more information.

Hence, for the best experience, we recommend you use fast browsers (like Chrome), and that you always use the latest version of your browser.

If your computer prompts you to upgrade your browser, you should!

Click on the name of the browser to download the latest version :
CHR.jpgGoogle Chrome
IE.pngInternet Explorer (You can download a Windows 7 compatible version here) - Not recommended (see note above)
ff.pngMozilla Firefox


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