How can I tell in my reports if a message went over 160 characters?

It important to remember that a 'message log' report will show you how many contacts received a particular message while a 'summary' report provides you with the amount of SMS that were sent or received in total.

When running a 'message log' report you may want to see which messages went over the 160 characters limit per SMS. Firstly run a message log report filtered by the 'date', of the campaign and 'sent', click here for instructions on how to run a message log report.

Your report will be sent to you as a spreadsheet. To add an extra column which adds up the number of characters in each log follow the below steps:


1. Insert an extra column to the left of the column which contains the message log (column E) 

2. In the new column type the follow formula =len(select the corresponding message log) 


3. Once you click 'enter' the number of characters in the corrsponding 'message log' will appear

4. Drag the corner of this value down so the formula is determined for the whole column


You will now be able to filter this column in relation to how you want the information arranged. If you filter the column from largest to smallest you will be able to see an immediate snap shot of the messages that have gone over the 160 character limit.

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