How do I clean up my CSV file?

When importing your CSV file, the below formats  will be accepted for mobile numbers:

  • International format: 61400304770
  • Local without spaces: 0400304770
  • Local with spaces: 0400 304 770
  • Local without zero: 400304770

The mobile numbers MUST be in the first column in order for the upload to be successful.  If your mobile numbers aren't in the above format, do not fret! You will be able to clean this up in a few easy clicks.

The most common issue is needing to remove invalid characters such as +, / or  - out of the column. To clean these characters out follow the below steps:

1. Identify which characters are included in the list that you need to remove

2. Highlight the first column that contains your mobile numbers


3. Using your keyboard enter: Ctrl and F

4. Click on Replace

5. Enter the character that you want to clean from your data

6. Leave "Replace with" blank



7. click "Replace All" option



All numbers that previously included the unwanted character will now be removed! Repeat this process until all unwanted characters are removed.

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