Can I export my unsubscribed/ blacklisted contacts?


In contacts, go to the Unsubscribed Group, click Export Contacts and you'll receive an email with the CSV file.

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Alternatively, you can run an inbound report using the keywords that are used in your 'unsubscribe rule'.


1. Go to Reports > Message Log Report

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Report Type

Since you want to see the list of all your unsubscribed contacts, select filter by Message Log. 



Fill in the dates you want to see your unsubscribe list for - remember, you can only run a report for up to 6 months at a time, or up to 10,000 contacts.


You can also choose to receive a list of unsubscribed contacts from a particular campaign - to do so choose the campaign name in the 'Filter by Campaign' option.

Note: Your filtered dates will be blank if you wish to filter via campaign

Message Direction

When filtering by sent or received messages, choose received. 


From/ To Numbers

From - Choose the number that you send your messages from (if you want to see the unsubscribe rate for a particular dedicated number). However, we always suggest you keep it open and select ALL.

To: Select ALL.


You will need to specify in this section the words that you have set up in your 'unsubscribe rule', the default word is 'Stop' - type your unsubscribe trigger words in this section and click enter to ensure they are highlighted in blue!


Once you are done, run the report.



Once the report has been generated, email the report to yourself. 

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Large reports may take a few minutes to arrive. Anything over 10,000 logs will be run overnight and emailed to you first thing the following morning.

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