Import Contacts/Personalised Fields Template

If you'd like to import contacts, you need to make sure your file meets the requirements from our system.

General Requirements

The file needs to be in .csv (comma delimted) format. Excel can save in this format, simply select .csv (comma delimited) rather than xls (or xlsx).


The columns must also be in this order (mobile phone is the only required field):

mobile phone | first name | last name | email address | date of birth | country | custom 1 | custom 2 | custom 3


61411111111 | Anna | Smith | | 10/03/81 | Australia | Female


Some considerations:

  • The only required field is the mobile number field. If you upload them in international format (614xxxxxxxx), better.
  • Email address should contain @ and .com/ for it to be considered valid.
  • Date of Birth should be DD/MM/YY
  • You can leave cells empty, but remember they shouldn't have a comma; if they do, the import manager will consider them invalid.
  • Custom fields can be whatever you want them to be, but remember that they will remain the same field across your account (it cannot be "gender" for one group and "Dog's name" for another group)

Download a Template

If in doubt, download a .csv import file template here.

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