Import Contacts - Can you explain the "imported contacts" email?

When you upload a large number of contacts (a csv file larger than 50Mb), SMS Central needs to process this in the background (so we don't keep you waiting!).

When the upload is done, our gremlins send you an email with the status of the upload.


Here's an example of the email:

"Hi Agus,

You recently uploaded 15,000 contacts and we just wanted to let you know that they're now ready! 

We also found 1,150 duplicates and 50 invalid numbers, we've attached all the invalid ones here for your convenience, feel free to fix them up and re-upload them."


Total Contacts

This is the total number of contacts included in the CSV file.

In this example, 15,000.



These are numbers that already exist in your SMS Central account so the system simply updates the contacts' information.


Invalid numbers

Rows that contain wrong numbers (missing a character), are empty, or have weird characters.

If your upload contained invalid numbers, the email will have attached a file with them, so you can modify them and re-upload them.


Uploaded Contacts

The remaining number! In this example:

Total Contacts - Duplicates - Invalids = 13,800 contacts were successfully uploaded.

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