How do I add a company name instead of a random number when sending SMS?

When sending from SMS Central, unless you have a dedicated number, your SMS will come from a number randomly selected from our shared pool of numbers.

If you want the SMS to appear to come from a company name instead (or any word for that matter) you can send your message with a Sender ID.

In order to enable the Sender ID functionality, please contact our support team at

Once our Support team has enabled the Sender ID functionality for you, you can then select "Sender Name" as an option to send messages from in your SMS campaigns.


As the tool tip suggests, if you selected that you want to receive replies from your contacts, this option won't be available - this is because if you're using a Sender ID, your recipients cannot reply to your messages.

When picking a Sender ID, there are 4 important things to remember;

  1. It can only have up to 11 characters
  2. It can't have spaces
  3. As noted above, If you send a campaign with a Sender ID, the recipient will not be able to reply
  4. Messages will be rejected by some carriers if the Sender ID appears to be a land line number (e.g. 0312345678)

Once you've typed in a Sender ID that matches this criteria, continue as you would through the campaign wizard or rapid SMS settings.




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