What number will appear on the recipient's phone?

When setting up your campaign, you'll have noticed the "From" section has 3 options:

Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 7.43.43 PM.png

Shared Number is a random number owned by SMS Central that allows you to send SMS. Every time you send a campaign, it's likely you'll get a different Shared Number.

Your (Dedicated) Number is a number you own. This number will be yours for the period you decide to rent it.

Sender Names or Sender IDs  are 11 character descriptions that appear as the From Name (for example, MyCompany) as if you were a contact in their phone. N.B: You cannot receive replies when you enter a sender name.


It's important to note that your recipients will not see the mobile phone you signed up with or your mobile phone unless you specify it as the sender ID. We recommend against this as any replies your campaign gets will be sent straight to your phone.


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