Do I get charged for undelivered messages?

If you try to send a message via SMS Central and we reject your attempt because:
  • You have an incorrect password
  • Insufficient Balance
  • Invalid Originator Value
  • Duplicate Reference Value (API)
  • Invalid Recipient Number (i.e letters instead of numbers, etc)
  • Invalid Message Text (characters that may not be accepted)
Then you will not be charged, since we didn't accept your message in the first place.

However, for all other messages you send, we will deliver them to the carrier and subsequently deduct the amount for that message from your balance (regardless of failure or delivery). This is why it's SUPER important to ensure you have clean data and correct numbers to send to.

The only exception to this is if you attempt to send to a blacklisted/unsubscribed number, where we may not reject your message on your submit, however our gateway will automatically exclude it from being sent to the carrier (hence, you will not be charged for it).

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