Can I send a test message to myself?


For starters,  when you signed up and created your SMS Central account, we gave you 10 free SMS credits for you to test.


When you go about creating your SMS campaign, in Contacts (step 2) select "I want to add contacts manually" and enter your mobile number (or any other number(s) who would like to see the campaign). Make sure there are no spaces between numbers.


NOTE: If it's your first time EVER, your "All Contacts" group will have your own mobile number, so you can just go ahead and select it.

Keep going through the wizard (compose your message and select send now) and you will receive the campaign on your mobile phone.


If you'd like to use the same message later for another campaign, make sure you save the message as a template so you don't have to re-type the content.

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    Katina Demetriou

    Hello SMS Central, Yes I found this useful, Thank you.

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    Katina Demetriou

    At Geelong Beauty & Wellbeing Centre we like to Excite our visitors by reminding them of their therapeutic appointments by sending them a SMS text message.  We all lead busy lives and a small reminder received on your mobile phone is a Big help ensuring you remember to Stop, Relax on our heated massage beds and inhale the essential oils, in our Inviting, Friendly and Relaxing Wellbeing Centre...we are here for you to Escape...

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