What is the number of characters per SMS? (Multipart message)

Number of characters

Each message has a limit of 160 characters; exceeding the limit will convert the message into a multipart message, where each message will contain a limit of 153 characters. For example:

160 characters = 1 message

306 characters = 153 +153 = 2 messages

459 characters = 153 +153 +153 = 3 messages

612 characters = 153 +153 +153 +153 = 4 messages


Character Counter

As the message is entered, the length is counted and made visible to let you know whether it will remain as one message or be split into a multipart message.


If you use any of the personalised fields (such as #firstname#), since the number of characters will vary from contact to contact (for example, "Anna" is 4 characters, while "Christopher" is 11 characters), we add an approximate value of 10 characters to the count to give you an estimate of the number of characters and the number of messages.




Due to formatting values in Window programs platforms such as Word, characters like “ (quotation) and – (hyphen) appear on messages differently when copying and pasting. In other words: avoid copy-pasting from Word (or anywhere for that matter)!


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