Automatic Top Up

At any time, you can choose to have your account enabled with automatic top-up. This means that when your SMS credit is running low your account will be automatically credited with the package of your choosing.

Enable/ Disable Auto Top Up

First, click the big, green Buy Now button on the top right of the page in your account.

Then, select an SMS package. This is super important because we need to know how many SMS you'd like your account topped up with.

Once you've done this, scroll down to Balance Updates & Notifications.


Select YES,  then tell us (in that grey box) what SMS threshold you'd like your account to be topped up at. In the example above, we will top up the account when the SMS balance goes below 50 SMS credits.

You can update your auto top up settings any time by selecting a different package, enabling or disabling it (YES/NO) or changing the top up threshold. Once you've made your changes, click Save and off you go!

NOTE: Credit card details MUST be included to enable auto top up (if not, we don't know where to charge the new credits to!).


Also, to keep you in the loop, every time we top up your account we will send you an email letting you know we've done so.

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