Email to SMS Step #3 - Compose your message

Compose your message

Simply type your message into the body of the email and you're set to go! Remember that anything in the body of the email will be sent. To make sure unwanted text such as signatures don't go into your message, always end them with ---ENDSMS---



Remember the message must be typed in plain text without any formatting or special characters. This means no copying and pasting from Word!


Considerations when composing your email/ message

When sending an SMS message via email, you should take note of the following:

  • Carriage returns (new lines made by pressing enter) may not be displayed on all mobile phones and therefore should be used sparingly within email message text
  • Use Plain-text without formatting when creating the text portion of a message
    • HTML formatting is not supported and will be removed, leaving the unformatted text as the message
    • MS Word Documents and Rich Text formatting are not supported and should not be used - always type the message directly into the email client
  • The standard 160 character limit 
    • If you exceed this limit in your email, the SMS will be split into a multipart message.
    • To ensure the message does not include your signature or email disclosure, delete all of these or put ---ENDSMS--- at the end of your message
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