Email to SMS Step #1 - Register email addresses

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Setting Up

Ready to send Email to SMS? Great! Let's get started.

Log in to your SMS Central account, click on the settings tab, then click on "Email to SMS" on the left hand side.



Enter your email address

Next, enter the email address you want to send email to SMS from.


Email address

Type in the email address you wish to register in the email address box (obviously).

Limit SMS length...

Next, you can optionally choose to cut off your SMS at a set number of messages. 1 SMS is 160 characters including spaces, going over that will split it into a multipart message.

Include subject line as part of the SMS text

Ticking this will put the subject of the email as part of the SMS. Be advised, this will count towards your character total. If you don't want this in your message, just leave it blank.

Send from:

Finally, if you wish to receive replies, click the number radio button. If you don't want to receive replies, click the name radio button. 

If you select name, you can type in a Sender ID; that is, a name that the message will appear to come from as if they were a contact in your phone. This must be no more than 11 characters and in alphanumeric format.

On the other hand, if you select number, you can select to send from either a shared number or a dedicated number if you have one. The drop down box provided will show you a list of all your dedicated numbers.

Whitelisting an email domain

If you wish, you can whitelist (add) an entire domain by putting an asterisk (*) at the front. For example, if you want everyone in your company to be able to send email to sms, you could enter *


Next, it's time to add contacts/recipients.

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