Email to SMS Overview

Email to SMS allows you to send an SMS directly from your email address(es). 

SMS Central can accept your emails and automatically convert them into text messages to send to your recipients’ phones.

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Key Data



From Address Yes

The return email address of the Sender.  This email address must be registered with one service at SMS Central for the purpose of sending SMS Messages via email. e.g.

To Address (mobile number) Yes

The To address (or addresses) that identify the mobile number/s that the SMS Message is to be delivered to and uses the following format:

Multiple To addresses and CC Addresses can be used.

Body Yes

The body of the email forms the text of the message. 

Terminator No


You can optionally place this at the end of your message to make sure anything following it doesn't get sent as part of the SMS (e.g. Email signatures).


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