Add a User

The administrator of an account has the ability to add as many users as they want to their account.


To add a user, go to Account > Users.



Click on Add a User.



Login Details

Give the user a username and password. Once you add the user, these are the details they'll use to login to SMS Central.


Contact Details

These are all the user's details that SMS Central will use not only to set up the user's profile, but also to get in touch if need be.

For this reason, it's important you enter their actual mobile number and email address.



Account Details

The user's role will determine their level of access to the account. You can select Admin, Advanced or Basic.

You can read the a description of each user role in detail in this article.

If you'd like the user to receive news from SMS Central, check the different boxes to make them a primary, billing and/or technical contact for your account. 

For more information on the different contact types, check out this article.



Once all details are all filled in click Save or Save & Add Another if you wish to add more contacts.

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