User Contact Types

When creating a user, you can select whether they will be contacted by SMS Central.


What's the difference between contact types?



If you are set as the primary contact, you'll receive email notifications, product news, billing details,... you'll be across every single piece of news or changes from SMS Central!

NOTE: there can only be one primary contact per account.



Only worried about product or API news and updates? Then you are this type of contact type.

NOTE: This is the contact that will appear in your "receipt" when you purchase credit.



For all billing related matters, this is who we'll be contacting!

NOTE: Only the first person listed as a billing contact will receive automatically generated correspondence. If you'd like there to be more than one, please contact us so we can arrange this.


NOTE: By default, account creators will be ALL contact types.



How can I change a user's contact type?

Only admins can change other users' contact types.

When you add a user you can select a contact type for them (even though it's not mandatory). 

You can then change it simply by going back to the user profile and under Account Details, selecting other contact types for this user.

You can also do it straight from Account > Users. To do so, simply select the user;

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 1.57.09 PM.png

 Then, at the bottom of the table, select what contact type you'd like to add.

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 1.55.49 PM.png

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