User Roles

What's the difference between roles?



Admins have access to everything and can do everything. An account can have more than one admin.

If you are the admin, you will be able to edit or delete users, contact groups... anything really.



Advanced users are similar to admins, except they do not have the ability to manage sub-accounts or users, and they do not have access to account/ user logs.



Basic users can perform all actions relating to SMS campaigns, but cannot access any details about the account, any sub-accounts, or other users. They can only see and edit information that directly relates to them and their messaging. 


How can I change a user's role?

Only admins can change other user roles.

When you add a user you are required to select a role for them.

You can change this roll at any time by going back to the user profile and under Account Details, selecting a new role for the user.


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