Rules and Triggers Step #2 - Define the actions


General comments

1. At the top of the page you'll find a summary of your rule's setting. If you find it's not what you were after, go back and fix the settings.


2. You can select as many actions as you want, but bare in mind that the rule will apply them all together (and based on the same settings).



Forward to URL

Incoming messages (or delivery receipts, if you selected "when sending" in setup) will be sent to the URLs you list here.


If the URL you are entering requires basic authentication, please provide the Username and Password required to access that URL.

You can enter as many URLs as you desire.

For more info on how to setup delivery receipts (DLRs), read this article.

If you would just like to learn more about forwarding incoming SMS to a URL, then this article will suit better.


Forward to Email

A fantastic compliment to setting up your Email to SMS, when creating a rule if you select this alternative all incoming messages will be sent to the email addresses you list here.


You can find more info on how to set up this type of rule here.


Unsubscribe the matching contact

The mobile number who sent the incoming SMS will be removed from All Contacts and any other groups it belongs to and will be assigned to the Unsubscribe List.


This article explores extensively alternatives to automatically blacklist/unsubscribe contacts.


Send an automatic reply

Messages that comply with all your rule settings will be sent the selected template as a reply to their SMS. For more info, we recommend this article.



Assign contact to groups

The mobile number who sent the incoming SMS will be added to the contact groups you list. For more details, check out this article.



Mark as read

The received message will be marked as read in your inbox. This also applies to checking unread messages via the API.




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