Rules & Triggers Overview

Rules & Triggers allow you to set conditions for inbound or outbound campaigns.


The logic behind these rules is:

If A, then B.


A are the conditions or settings that need to be found in a message in order for B to happen.

B are the actions that will be performed to any incoming messages (either delivery receipts, message replies or general inbound SMS) if the conditions are met.


This is one of our favourite sections, because it can really unleash the power of SMS Central.

The idea behind rules & triggers is that you can automate some of the most basic actions per campaign.


For example, you can automatically unsubscribe a contact if they reply with the keyword STOP.

Or you can forward delivery receipts to a URL or an email address of your choice.

Or you can assign contacts to different contact groups depending on what they reply to your campaign.



The possibilities are infinite, so what are you waiting for? Get cracking and start creating some rules!

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