Activity Log Report

Activity Logs show you what your users have been up to in your account. This can only be accessed by account admins.

To access your account's transaction report, go to Reports > Activity Logs.



Report Overview

The report will show you a list of activities, who performed them (User Name) and the time and date it happened.



You can filter what activities are shown by date, user or activity. You can also search the activity logs for a particular activity or user.


Activity Types

 The following is a list of all activities that are logged;

Account activity

  • Login/ Logout
  • Add/ Delete a user

Campaign Activity

  • Sent a campaign
  • Scheduled a campaign
  • Created an inbound campaign
  • Deleted a campaign
  • Marked a message as read in your inbox
  • Deleted messages in your inbox

Contacts Activity

  • Add contacts/ contact groups
  • Edit contacts/ contact groups
  • Import contacts
  • Unsubscribe contacts
  • Delete contacts/ contact groups

Reports Activity

  • Run report
  • Scheduled Report

Numbers Activity

  • Buy a dedicated number

API Request

  • API request version
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