Message Log Report

A message log report will provide you with the most comprehensive and detailed form of reporting.

Click on your reports tab, then Bulk Reports -> Message Log.



 Step 1 - Apply the filter

The message log report is very powerful, so we suggest you use the filters available to fine tune what you want to see.


#1 - Filter by Report Type

This box lets you select a Message Log report or a Summary report.

A Message Log Report will show you a detailed log of all messages that match your filters. 

A Summary Report will show you the total number of SMS sent (outbound) and SMS received (inbound) for the account.


You can group results by user or campaign.



#2 - Filter by Date

Select the date-time range you’d like to report on – this will let you be very broad or very specific! By default, the last 7 days will be selected.

Remember, your report can’t be longer than 6 months; this is to prevent generation of enormous reports that mightn't be of much use. If you’d like to run a yearly report, you’ll have to run 2 different reports, selecting a different half year period in each one. 

#3 - Filter by Campaign

Filtering by campaign will allow you to see messages relating only to the selected campaign(s) that you've sent. Leaving this blank will show messages relating to all your campaigns.

#4 - Filter by Sent or Received

Here, you can select if you want to see all messages (“Both directions”), only outbound messages (“Sent”) or only inbound messages (“Received”).

#5 - Filter by Status

Select if you want to see All messages, Delivered messages (messages sent upstream by SMS Central regardless of delivery receipt status) or Bounced messages (messages that have a failed delivery receipt).

#6 - From and To

This option will let you select if you only want to see messages sent to, or from, particular numbers.

In each box, you can select all numbers (default), shared numbers (messages sent from our shared numbers pool), dedicated numbers (either all your dedicated numbers or a specific one), or any number (a number/numbers which you’ll specify).

#7 - Keywords

Simply enter a keyword (or keywords) to display all messages containing that word (for example, you might want to see all messages with the word “Important”).

#8 - Users

See all messages sent/received by a user.  You can select multiple users.


Step 2 - Run

Once you are done filtering, click RUN REPORT and the information meeting your filtering criteria will display.


Sent messages will be grouped according to their status. Click on the message to display its details.

You can always clear the filters or open the filters and change any of them.


Finally, if you'd like the report in CSV format, you can always email the report to yourself.


You can also schedule reports to receive a report based on the filters you applied daily, weekly or monthly.



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