Rapid SMS

Rapid SMS is perfect if you just want to send out a simple SMS to a handful of contacts or a group.

Note: if you are looking at fancy stuff like selecting multiple contact groups, saving message templates, scheduling or staggering your SMS campaign, then we suggest you go for the more comprehensive and feature rich SMS Campaign wizard.

To get started go to Send & Receive and select Send Rapid SMS.


Once there, you only need to enter 4 things.


#1 Select your Sender ID

What number/ Sender Name do you want your contacts to see in their handset? As with SMS Campaigns, you can select from pools of shared or dedicated numbers, one specific dedicated number (Your Number) or a sender name.



#2 Select your contacts

What contacts do you want to send the message to?

You can enter either the mobile number, the name of the contact or the name of the group. You'll need at least 3 characters for the actual contact/group to appear in the predictive box. When the recipients appear boxed, you'll know they've been selected.



#3 Get creative and write some text!

Like in the wizard, you can select a template or start from scratch.


Unlike the wizard, you cannot save your composed message as a template (but you can always go to Settings and go wild creating templates).


#4 Send it!

Hit Send SMS and your message will be sent out to the masses.





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