Batch Sending

Say you send out a campaign and the call to action is to phone a number.

You might be afraid of a very successful campaign and a call centre that cannot cope with a large rush of traffic at the same time. Hence, it might be a GREAT idea to break your campaign into smaller batches and send them over a period of time.

Screen Shot 2013-01-30 at 10.26.55 PM.png

To do so, when sending out a campaign, in Step 4 of the SMS Campaign wizard, select Schedule for later -> Over a period of time.



Firstly, you can select how many batches you want to break the campaign into. SMS Central will tell you between brackets how many recipients each batch has so you don't have to do the math in your head.


By default, we'll get batches to be the same size (i.e. have the same number of contacts). However, if you want to get fancy and have different sized batches, simply untick Let it be even batches and enter how many contacts/ recipients each batch will have.


Again, we'll do the math and let the last batch have the remainder of contacts in it.


Finally, you need to select the space of time between batches. As a default, it'll be set at 15 minutes.


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