Your SMS inbox is where we store by default (and automatically) all your inbound SMS, i.e. all the messages you have received. Be they a reply to an outbound campaign, or an inbound message sent in as part of a “Receive Only” campaign, they will all be stored here.

You can access your inbox through the following methods:

#1 From your dashboard


#2 From Send/Receive


New messages

The red blurb next to inbox will tell you if and how many new messages you have in your inbox.


Your inbound messages


This column shows the mobile of the contact that has sent you the message.

If that contact has a name record in your contacts, that will also be displayed.


Even if the number was not added as a contact by you, as soon as the person sends an SMS to your dedicated number, we store that number as a contact.

To edit the contact, click on the mobile number/name and you’ll be redirected to the Edit Contact page.


This column will show you the first part of the message. To be able to read the full message (especially for long ones), click on the message and the row will expand, displaying the full message.



This shows you what campaign the inbound message related to. For example, if the messages is a reply to a campaign named "Reminders 21 March", that will be displayed.


At first, this will show you the date the message was received. If you’d like to see more specific details (you want the hour and minutes, don’t you?) click on the message and the expanded row will show them to you.



Reply from Inbox

By clicking on a specific message, you can reply directly to that contact.

Inbox reply.png

Click the Reply button to be taken to the Rapid SMS page with the contact's number already pre-populated. Then, type your message or use a pre-created template, then press Send.

Filter Messages

You can filter your messages by date and contact.

By date

At the top of the page, select the start and end dates and then click filter.


To go back and see all your messages, click on “Clear Results”.


By contact

Go to the search bar, at the top of the sidebar on the left hand side of the screen.


Enter the mobile number from the contact you are searching in international format (e.g 614XXXXXXXX), then hit enter or click on the magnifying glass.

Your list will only show inbound SMS from that contact.

To go back to see all your messages, click on “Clear Results”.

Additional Actions

Delete messages

You can bulk delete a bunch of messages or do so one by one. Find out more here.

Mark as read

As soon as you click on the message, your message will be marked as read.

You can also mark messages as read in bulk by selecting multiple messages or automatically as soon as they come in by creating a rule.

Unsubscribe contacts

You can unsubscribe contacts directly from your Inbox by hovering on the contact line and clicking on the "crossed circle" icon.


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