Send & Receive SMS Step 3 - Compose your message


You can select to start a message from scratch or to select a template.


Start from scratch


As you'd expect, just start writing and you're away!

Some considerations....

Opt out

If in Settings you selected "require an opt-out message", whatever message you added in Step 1 will appear here. Of course you can edit it as you please.


NOTE: you can still add whatever opt-out message you like, even if you didn't select "Require an opt-out message". However, if you said you ONLY wanted to send SMS and did not seelct "require an optout", the purpose of the opt out message you write here will be defeated, since you will not be able to receive responses.

Characters counter

You'll find a handy character counter below the text box that will alert you if you are going into a multipart message (1 SMS = 160 characters, including spaces).


Personalised fields

Sending out a blast to thousands? Make each one of your contacts feel unique by adding any of our personalised fields.


You can add/edit these for your contacts under Contacts -> Edit Contact.

To add, for example, their First Name, simply enter #firstname# or click on the #firstname# tag. Boom. Done.

NOTE: If the field you are entering is empty for a contact, nothing will appear where the tag should be. For example, if you write "Hi #firstname#," and the contact doesn't have a first name, the SMS will read "Hi ,"


Save as template

If you will use this message on a recurring basis, we recommend you save it as a template. For example, a message like 

Happy Birthday #firstname#, we hope you have a blast!


The SMS Central Team.

This message can be used for all your contact's birthdays! And yes, you can always edit/update your templates at a later date.

So, if you want to save it, simply check the box and enter a template name (in this case, we would name it "Birthday" so it's easy to remember and look up).



Use a Saved Template


If you don't have any templates, you'll need to create one (just select "start from scratch" and then save it as a template)


If you have templates, select the one you want to use from the dropdown menu.


Once you select a template, you'll be able to edit the text like any other message.



Once you finish composing your message, click NEXT. Only one more step to go!

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