Send & Receive SMS Step 2 - Choose your Contacts


The second thing you need to do is select the recipients of your campaign.


All Contacts

This option will select all the contacts in the account (in other words, the "All Contacts" Group).

You can also select "add contacts manually", in case there are other contacts not included in your account.


Specific Groups

If you have a big (or small) organised contact database, and you would like to send the campaign to certain groups only, then this is your top choice.


Begin typing in the group name(s) and the system will recognise what you are typing and predict. Or, on the right, you can select from the latest 5 updated groups.


Add manually

If you want to send this campaign to contacts that are not yet included in your contact database, you can add the numbers here (comma separated). You can enter the mobile number beginning with 04 or 614. 


If the contacts already exists, they will not be duplicated.

NOTE: You always need to type in the mobile number. If you enter the name of the contact, SMS Central will not recognise it.

Remember you cannot import contacts from this wizard so if you have a large list, we recommend you save the campaign wizard, import your contacts, and then return.


Once you have selected your recipients, click Next.


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