Delete a Contact Group

Delete groups one by one

From the main table, hover over (or check) the group you’d like to delete and click on the trashcan icon.



Bulk delete groups

If you’d like to delete more than one group at the same time, from the main table, check the groups you’d like to delete. 



If you’d like to delete all your groups, simply click on “Select All’ at the bottom of the table.


Once you've selected the groups you’d like to delete, click on delete at the bottom of the table.



Groups you can't delete

You cannot delete All Contacts nor Unsubscribed since these are default groups created by us and are used to manage your account.



Only administrators of the account are able to delete any contact group. 

Standard and Advanced users are only able to delete groups they have added themselves.



Remember that deleting a contact is not the same as unsubscribing a contact. So if you delete a contact group, and afterwards you or any other user adds this mobile number again, then the contact will automatically be re-activated.

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