Add Contacts

There several ways to add contacts to your SMS Central Account.

Manually add contacts to ALL Contacts

From Contacts, click on Add a Contact.


The pro of this approach is that it's easy and straightforward.

The downside is that if you don't assign the contact to a particular/ multiple groups, then your database management will be a bit more complicated (or at least not 100% optimised).


Manually add contacts to specific groups

Before manually adding contacts we suggest that you create a group for that contact to be added into first.

Once inside the group, click on Add a Contact.


Adding a contact to a specific group will also create him/her in All Contacts' group.

Upload/ Import contacts


If you have all your contacts in a .csv file, you can simply upload them all with one click.

For more info on what's required, we recommend this step by step article.

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