Managing Contacts - The Basics


  • Contacts are owned by the account. All users can see all contacts
  • The only required field for a contact is their mobile number
  • You can, optionally, use the following fields for contacts: First name, Surname, Email Address, D.O.B, Country and 3 miscellaneous fields
  • Contacts can be added manually, imported (via a CSV file), edited, deleted and blacklisted/ unsubscribed
    • If a user uploads/ creates a contact, and then another user uploads/creates the same contact(s), those contacts will be updated, not duplicated
    • If you unsubscribe a contact from a group, you are unsubcribing the contact from the whole account. In other words, this contact will no longer receive any communication from any campaign created in your account by any user



  • Contacts are clustered into groups which you can define
    • In Contacts, you'll see a list of your Groups
    • If you select a group, you'll see the list of contacts in that group
    • If you select a contact of that group, you'll be able to see and edit the contact's details
  • Two groups are created by default: All Contacts and Unsubscribed
    • You cannot delete or edit these groups (you can still edit the individual contacts)
    • Any contacts uploaded or manually added will be automatically added to the All Contacts group. However, if you add contacts to the All Contacts group, you are not necessarily assigning them to a particular group.
    • Contacts in the unsubscribed list can be re-instated. However, BE WARY: if the contact has unsubscribed, there's usually a good reason for this. Make sure you have their consent to re-instate them (in order to be compliant with Australian Spam Act).
    • If you delete a contact that has been unsubscribed, then add them after the fact, the contact will be automatically placed in the unsubscribed list, until you decide to re-instate this contact.
  • Groups created can only be deleted by:
    • The owner/creator of the group
    • Admin users of the account
  • Two groups cannot have the same name/group alias

Group Alias

  • A group alias is, by default, the group name with all the spaces removed
  • You may use this alias to send to everyone in that group when using Email to SMS
  • A group alias cannot contain spaces or special characters


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